Katie Linendoll is an Emmy Award winning TV personality, writer, tech expert and global tech consultant.

In those roles, she spends as much time on her laptop as she does in the field. Whether she’s challenging IBM supercomputer/know-it-all Watson to a game of Jeopardy!, jetpacking over the Pacific Ocean or on a deep sea diving trip to spear the eco-destructive lionfish (custom underwater cameras in hand), it’s all in a day’s work for Linendoll.

Known for her quirky expertise and high energy, Linendoll, a writer and contributor for The TODAY Show, is one of the most in-demand tech experts in the country. She has contributed to CNN for the past five years and is currently in the process of shooting a innovation series for Huffington Post. Former host of All Access Weekly on Spike TV, her broadcast credits also include Fox and Friends, CBS News, The Nate Berkus Show, ABC News Now, ESPN and more. She researches, produces and creates her own segments.

Publications such as Fitness Magazine, Forbes.com, Parents.com, Oprah.com, Yahoo! Finance and others have consulted Linendoll’s expertise. She has written more than 60 pieces for ESPN.com, and contributed to Marie Claire, Shape Magazine, People Magazine, Fitness and other publications.

As a former technology host at HSN, Linendoll was responsible for more than $20 million in sales for the network. She has also participated in media projects with Dell, HP, Hyatt, IBM, Cadillac and Lincoln and leads speaking engagements across the country.

Showcasing the latest gadgets on TODAY Show

Linendoll has been tech-minded since childhood and earned her networking certificates before graduating high school. She received her bachelor’s degree in information technology new media from Rochester Institute of Technology, and went on to launch her professional career with ESPN. At age 22, she won an Emmy Award for her work on SportsCenter. She moved on, and a few years later, received another Emmy nomination as the tech host of A&E's We Mean Business.

Linendoll has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, CEOs and sports stars, including Jim Carrey, Rob Zombie, Stan Lee, John Cusack, Eli Manning, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, RG3, Ethan Hawke and more. She introduced Google Glass to the NFL via the St. Louis Rams (a piece that went viral), detoxed (and survived!) in digital rehab, won the Guinness World Record for performing the most “high fives” in 60 seconds and shared a stage with Lady Gaga—all in the name of tech. She also serves as a technology consultant and has co-designed two apps.

When she’s not working, Linendoll is a committed fan of WWE's Monday Night Raw—in fact, she’s never missed a single episode. She volunteers regularly with NYC Candlelighters, a non-profit that serves the families of children who are undergoing cancer treatment.